why flash?

While a lot of websites have html/css backend, and flash frontend, OOOGUI implements an opposite architecture: flash backend, and html/css (but also flash) frontend. A CMS with its client side written in Flash could seem at least unconventional, but the reason is simple. When we started developing OOOGUI, some years ago, Adobe Flex was the most easy and rapid free development framework available on the market. All the awesome today javascript frameworks weren't available, or simply were at a too early development stage. Java was not a choice due to hosting requirements (the need for application servers) and overall architecture complexity, and .NET wasn't free and was windows based, wich are big problems by themselves. The Adobe Flex framework, instead, had all the user interface components and widgets that are mandatory to write a decent CMS interface (forms, grids, lists, drag and drop, etc...); it was based on a pretty good object oriented language (actionscript 3.0); it had a big community and adequate documentation. So we started writing code with Flash.

As a typical phenomenon in software development, a few years deeply change the scenario. If we would rewrite from scratch OOOGUI today, we surely would leave Flash and choose some javascript framework (ext-js, for example, or jquery with a pletora of plugins). But right now rewrite the code is not an option, so we'll consider this for a future version of OOOGUI, if there will be conditions to do it.