who should be interested in OOOGUI

OOOGUI goal is to reduce the work of web sites programmers (NOT web sites graphic designer). So our target should be familiar with databases, sql, php, CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) model, CMS software, etc..., even if no lines of code should be written when working with OOOGUI, as will be explained.

if your tipical working day is something like: listen to your customer who wants some new properties for his website contents, modify database structure of the website to implement new requested properties, modify CRUD interface and CRUD queries to manage new properties, modify frontend view to show new properties... so if all of these tasks are your daily work, then you are the perfect target for OOOGUI.

if your competence is just about graphic web design, or data/content input, or definitely if you have no cognition of programming and databases, maybe OOOGUI architecture and functionalities will result a little bit complex. But this is just a warning, to avoid a lot of "I hate OOOGUI, I can't understand it!" issues: in our intentions OOOGUI goal is to strongly reduce, or even eliminate, code writing, and to be simple (more simple to use than to explain!), so that a graphic designer could implement and deploy his own web application with its related OOOGUI CMS.