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what is this?

jslardo is a sort of a social cms, based on node.js and mongodb. users are able to register to the application, create their own models (mongoose schemas), views, controllers, websites and pages. all management is done without writing code, and all user contents (the data, but also models/views and controllers) are shareable between registered users. NOTE: jslardo is on development, and is not complete nor production ready. I hope I'll have some free time in the next future to keep on development.

it's based upon?

jslardo starts as a node.js express application, backed up by mongodb with mongoose. as a template engine jslardo uses jade.


we have a test installation of jslardo that should be aligned to master repository revision: http://weadmin.it/
(to create contents you must first register).

where to go from here

for any further information please go to the github project page.

differences between jslardo and ooogui

jslardo is not ooogui: both are cms developed by obliquid, but jslardo is node.js + mongodb based, where ooogui is php + mysql based. jslardo mimics the architecture of ooogui, but in a brand new and optimized implementation, with simplicity and performance in mind (in oppposition to complexity and heavyness of ooogui).

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