video: installation

note: when create db and user for mysql, remember to grant at least these privileges: Lock_tables_priv, Alter_priv, Drop_priv, Create_priv, Delete_priv, Update_priv, Insert_privSelect_priv


  • 1. Create an empty mysql database
  • 2. Create a user with pw for the database
  • 3. Reload mysql privileges
  • 4. Create dir for installation
  • 5. Get svn address from website
  • 6. Checkout from repository
  • 7. Just keep the deployable "bin" dir and remove other dirs
  • 8. Set permissions
  • 9. Open installation dir with browser and follow installation instructions
  • 10. Open the newly installed frontend and see if all went right
  • 11. Open the backend admin page "main.php" and log in with superadmin user/pw you choosed during installation
  • 12. Rename the default admin user and give it a username and a pw
  • 13. Go back to frontend and test login with default admin user
  • Installation complete!



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